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   In this essay we will examine the Gnostic Imperium, which is God's instrument in developing advanced spiritual beings who spearhead the evolutionary transformation of humankind and all elements of the terrestrial realm that are ready for this evolutionary leap forward.

Revealment of the Gnostic Imperium

"As there has been established on earth a mental Consciousness and Power which shapes a race of mental beings and takes up into itself all of earthly nature that is ready for the change, so now there will be established on earth a gnostic Consciousness and Power which will shape a race of gnostic spiritual beings and take up into itself all of earth-nature that is ready for this new transformation. It will also receive into itself from above, progressively, from its own domain of perfect light and power and beauty all that is ready to descend from that domain into terrestrial being. For the evolution proceeded in the past by the upsurging, at each critical stage, of a concealed Power from its involution in the Inconscience, but also by a descent from above, from its own plane, of that Power already self-realised in its own higher natural province."

"An overmind creation of knowledge in the Ignorance might therefore be something separate from the surrounding world of Ignorance and guarded from it by the luminous encircling and separating wall of its own principle. The supramental gnostic being, on the contrary, would not only found all his living on an intimate sense and effective realisation of harmonic unity in his own inner and outer life or group-life, but would create a harmonic unity also with the still surviving mental world, even if that world remained altogether a world of Ignorance. . .

In the emergence of the gnostic being would be the hope of a more harmonious evolutionary order in terrestrial Nature."
  1. There has been established on earth a Gnostic Consciousness and Power which develops a race of Higher Spiritual Beings. Only a very few humans have the potential to become Higher Spiritual Beings; they are chosen.
  2. The Gnostic Consciousness and Power [the Gnostic Imperium] will develop a race of gnostic spiritual beings. Only those humans with the necessary capabilities and qualities will be selected for the Gnostic Imperium.
  3. This Gnostic Imperium will also receive into itself, progressively, from its own domain of perfect light and power and beauty above, all that is ready to descend from that domain into terrestrial being.
  4. Conscious human evolution occurs as Transcendent powers descend from the Domain of Essences as well as an upsurge and unfolding of dormant powers within the terrestrial human domain.
  5. The Gnostic Imperium protects itself from terrestrial evil by it own "luminous encircling and separating wall of its own principles," for example, the principles of non-violence and selective membership.
  6. Members within the Gnostic Imperium locate their being and consciousness in inner harmony and in external communities which they build with other Imperium members within the ordinary world, even though that world is predominantly debased and evil.
  7. The Higher Gnostic Being unveied within cosmic evolution constitutes a harbinger of a Transcendent Order within the terrestrial realm.

The State of Consciouness of the Members
of the Gnostic Imperium Is Cosmic Consciousness

"Entering into that Cosmic Consciousness . . . we become . . . conscious of this cosmic existence, but likewise conscious in it, receiving it in sensation, but also entering into it in awareness. In it we live as we lived before in the ego-sense, active, more and more in contact, even unified more and more with other minds, other lives, other bodies than the organism we call ourselves, producing effects not only on our own moral and mental being and on the subjective being of others, but even on the physical world and its events by means nearer to the divine than those possible to our egoistic capacity."

"The gnostic being will take up the world of Life and Matter, but he will turn and adapt it to his own truth and purpose of existence; he will mould life itself into his own spiritual image, and this he will be able to do because he has the secret of a spiritual creation and is in communion and oneness with the Creator within him. This will be first effective in the shaping of his own inner and outer individual existence, but the same power and principle will operate in any common gnostic life; the relations of gnostic being with gnostic being will be the expression of their one gnostic self and supernature shaping into a significant power and form of itself the whole common existence."

All quotations are from The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo