Gnostic Spiritual Beings
Gnostic Spiritual Beings
Gnostic Spiritual Beings

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"As there has been established on earth a mental Consciousness and Power which . . . takes up into itself all of earthly nature that is ready for the change, so now there will be established on earth a gnostic Consciousness and Power which will shape a race of gnostic spiritual beings and take up into itself all of earth-nature that is ready for this new transformation."
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine

  This essay is a presentation and explication of some of the teachings concerning Gnostic Spiritual Beings and Supremental evolution within the Perennial Tradition and within the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

  Humankind has steadily evolved, with periods of involution intervening. We're presently in a period of utter ignorance, suffering under "the rule of the Inconscient.

  In the terrestrial realm a Gnostic Consciousness and Power has now been established which is shaping an invisible race of Gnostic Spiritual Beings who commune with Higher Beings through opening themselves to the Superconscious Inspirational Channel and through self-transformation and self-knowledge.

  This new invisible race of Gnostic Beings will now be able to begin building toward a New Golden Age.

The Gnostic Channel

    Focus your attention on the image to the left, noting the various persons seated around the circular table and the large cone of energy descending into the table and then dispersed to each individual at the table.

    Imagine yourself as one of those seated around the table, in psychic connection with the others, and receiving the energy flowing down through the cone and into the table and into the participants.

    Specific energy packets, ideas, images, thoughts, and impressions are being transmitted into and through this image to you.

"An overmind creation of knowledge in the Ignorance might therefore be something separate from the surrounding world of Ignorance and guarded from it by the luminous encircling and separating wall of its own principle. The supramental gnostic being, on the contrary, would not only found all his living on an intimate sense and effective realisation of harmonic unity in his own inner and outer life or group-life, but would create a harmonic unity also with the still surviving mental world, even if that world remained altogether a world of Ignorance. For the gnostic consciousness in him would perceive and bring out the evolving truth and principle of harmony hidden in the formations of the Ignorance; it would be natural to his sense of integrality and it would be within his power to link them in a true order with his own gnostic principle and the evolved truth and harmony of his own greater life-creation. That might be impossible without a considerable change in the life of the world, but such a change would be a natural consequence of the appearance of a new Power in Nature and its universal influence. In the emergence of the gnostic being would be the hope of a more harmonious evolutionary order in terrestrial Nature."
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine

  The members of the race of Gnostic Spiritual Beings that exist on earth at any one time are very few in number, as we've seen. These persons are philosophers in that they resist the mind-manipulation of the insane cabal and help to create a commonwealth community. A philosopher is anyone who actively resists the attempt by the world of untruth to corrupt his soul, his higher self, and who works to overcome tyranny and enslavement.

The Secret Protects Itself

  Gnostic spiritual beings work invisibly within the World of Untruth (False Reality), while locating their consciousness and being within the World of Truth (True Reality). These Gnostic adepts protect themselves from terrestrial evil by their own luminous encircling and separating wall comprised of their own understanding, moral force, and creative power.

  Seemingly insignificant Gnostic adepts are invisible to ordinary persons because they do not behave and appear as most persons expect them to behave and appear. To ordinary persons, Gnostic savants appear to be ordinary persons. Spiritual power, when present in a Gnostic adept, appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. To illustrate, we can take the example of a couple whose shared life most people would look at and feel to be ordinary at best, meager at worst. This is how ordinary people would describe them:
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  They have no wealth as the world counts wealth. They live on their retirement checks; they wear good clothing, but nothing truly fashionable; they don't travel abroad or even within the U.S. They don't entertain much; they have few friends; they don't go to modish "places." All in all, they appear to be living a life of near poverty as virtual hermets.
  In actuality, the hidden life of the couple mentioned above can be accurately described in these terms:
They have enormous wealth of understanding and appreciation of beauty in all its manifestations. They draw on the unlimited resources of the Higher Realm, enjoying spiritual fellowship with enlightened artists, writers, poets, philosophers, carnate and discarnate. Through the power of Creation, they've developed themselves into persons who continually increase their understanding of themselves and the supersensible and terrestrial realms. They're able to experience inspiration as a continuing phenomenon. They've built an outstanding relationship of love, respect, and admiration. They're able to appreciate the higher aspects of music, literature, poetry, art, and everyday life. And they continually change and improve themselves through reading, self-study, and dialectical interchange. They have achieved enlightentment and success.

"Every moment some form grows perfect in hand or face; some tone on the hills or the sea is choicer than the rest; some mood of passion or insight or intellectual excitement is irresistibly real and attractive for us--for that moment only. Not the fruit of experience, but the experience itself, is the end. A counted number of pulses only is given to us of a variegated dramatic life. How may we see in them all that is to be seen in them by the finest senses? How shall we pass most swiftly from point to point, and be present always at the focus where the greatest number of vital forces unite in their purest energy? To burn always with this hard, gemlike flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life."
Walter Pater

  "When the emotional force, the mystic force one might say, of communication, of the miracle of shared life and shared experience is spontaneously felt, the hardness and crudeness of contemporary life will be bathed in the light that never was on land or sea." John Dewey

"Perpetual inspiration is as necessary to the life of goodness, holiness and happiness as perpetual respiration is necessary to animal life."

William Law