I Like to Watch Matisse

By Michelle Mairesse

    I like to watch Matisse bringing to life

    His vision, cutting designs into time,

    Nicking and notching his massed reflections,

    Tossing a net of his mind's perceptions

    Inside and outside. A potted plant shoots

    Green leaves into a space itself creates.

    A newborn blue that penetrates the soul

    Ignites a white curtain breathing against

    A wall. Shutters bank the falling light off

    Statuettes, stopping time, where nothing is still.

    Opulent nudes flank twined arabesques.

    Goldfish swim the primal waters of life.

    A tender snail hoists its heavy house

    And creeps into the sharp sweetness of life.

    Nude dancers clasp hands and whirl around the world,

    Creating the space they make themselves.