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    This essay introduces the New Commonwealth Academy, which is patterned after Plato's (428-348 BCE) original Academy in Athens and this site's Platonic Academy, which provides information concerning Plato's teachings.

   The objectives of this new academy are:
  • To enable serious students to understand the current world situation

  • To enable serious students to understand themselves in relation to the current world situation

  • To assist serious students in attaining social intelligence

  • To enable serious students to understand and employ Platonic and other Perennialist campaigns, strategies, and agencies

  • To provide a platform for the achievement of progressive goals

"Plato's thought grew out of a battle for civilization--a battle without which civilization would have been smothered in its cradle. We have before us both the opportunity and the obligation to complete Plato's work, in science, in epistemology, and most of all in defeating the oligarchist descendants of Persia in our own time. To do this, we must bring before us the real Plato."

Charles Tate, The Truth About Plato, 1981

    The New Commonwealth Academy assists serious students to attain social intelligence, which involves the attainment of these qualities and capabilities:
  • Working to gain the capability to see through the current social lies, myths and diversions

  • Understanding the necessity of life-long self-education

  • Developing genuine feelings of compassion and regard for one 's fellow human beings

  • Recognizing the necessity of social action, including discerning what the social situation requires and participating in a program to realize progressive reform
Social Intelligence Quotient  1





   If you are interested in becoming a student in the New Commonwealth Academy and receiving instruction as outlined above, complete this Signup Form.


1 This quotient is a subjective number which I am assigning to the various levels of attainment in terms of Social Intelligence. As I explain in my essay on Social Intelligence, the various intelligent quotient (IQ) tests are also completely subjective--numbers created by the makers of these tests--but they pretend that the IQ "scores" are somehow magically "objective"--refer to a quantitative score that indicates a person's "real" intelligence.